Friday, June 11, 2010

Yelp Elite Event at Cypress Hotel

Monopoly theme!!

I'm in this thing called Yelp Elite Squad and its almost like a club that Yelp has for members that are constantly contributing to the site. Its a great community based website that allows you to see reviews on everything! From restaurants, events, tourist spots, dry cleaners, you name it!

Being on the Yelp Elite Squad has its perks like being able to go to free events usually themed with free food and drink. Restaurants or hotels put their best food forward because you are serving to a room full of reviewers!

Here are some shots from the event.

Let the alcohol run freely...

Pinot Noir

Using flash in a group picture

So I am getting a lot more comfortable with holding, positioning my digital SLR. What I noticed is that when it comes to dark environments if its really dark the flash will pop up immediately but in those medium light/dark areas its best for force flash.

My next step it to take pictures at night. I want to test out the settings for those.

Photographs makes me so happy!

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