Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing Around at Lunch

Wow holding a digital SLR is just heavenly. Looking through the viewfinder instead on the LCD screen is so fun. Especially since my Canon point and shoot doesn't even have a viewfinder which is great because its not needed.

So during my lunch hour at work I decided to shoot some things. Played with some of the functions. I am really looking forward to the outside shots because the camera on its auto function have the pictures coming out great.

Cluster of flowers in the parking lot of work

Working hard

The above photo is something I want to master. That is the ability to do Out of Focus pictures. Focusing on the subject and blurring everything out in the background. It has to do with the different settings of the SLR and I know I can accomplish this by just playing with the settings.

Thanks for baring with my newbie-ness!

Photographs in San Francisco are soon to come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally my very own digital SLR- The Canon EOS Rebel XS!

I have always been in love with taking pictures. I love taking pictures because not only does it take me back to that very moment and temporarily experiencing how I felt but its just amazing.

My beloved purchase from Best Buy

We have a technology in our hands that captures that one moment. I have had all types of cameras throughout my life- a 35 mm where I always had trouble with loading and unloading the camera and exposed the film and ruined all my pictures. Yes I learned the hard way. I always had this HUGE digital camera that was 5 megapixels at the end of my senior year and that was a lot at that time. It ended up being too bulk to carry around all the time so I got a smaller sleeker point and shoot.

So my history of point and shoots are vast- they range from Sony Exilm, Casio, Olympus, and most recently my beloved Canon Powershot Digital Elph. With a huge LCD screen, easy functions, and amazing quality of photos I fell in love with the brand Canon.

So that brings us up to speed with my first digital SLR. I officially own a Canon EOS Rebel XS!!! After yearning for one in the past year my wonderful mother and grandma bought it for my birthday!! I did tons of research online, through friends, and through random people and they pretty much said either Canon or Nikon as a starter camera.

I didn't want to spend oodles and oodles of money which one can when investing in the hobby photography so I went with a dependable brand that I can continue to build on.

My new baby..

I'll be spending a lot of my time reading manuals, researching features, taking classes, and just taking more pictures! (If that's possible!)

My goal is to take pictures of events but I love taking pictures of anything really. Any photograph that evokes emotion from you- I have done my job.